What Age Should I Write My Will

What Age Should I Write My Will

As a young person in the U.K, the process of planning for your death probably hasn’t crossed your mind. It’s a difficult subject and even as time creeps on, most of us don’t like to consider our own mortality. As grim a topic as it may be, subjects such as wills and powers of attorney do need to be considered so that there are no tangled legal battles in the event of your death. And every now again we get an unfortunate reminder that life is short, and you never know when your time is up. There are certain times that are a good milestone when you should look into having a will written to ensure your loved ones are looked after. So, what are these?

1. Buying your first home in East Anglia

If you are in the process of buying a new home, this is likely one of the first things of significant value that you invest in and you need to specify who will inherit when the time comes. Any change in the value of your home will also affect your family members and what is being left to them, so having it laid out legally makes sense.

2. Getting married

At this happy time, you probably don’t want to think of one or other of you ever dying. But your spouse is also likely to be the chief beneficiary of your estate, so it’s important to get that down on paper and save them an awful lot of stress in the event of your demise.

Wills made before marriage are also often cancelled on marriage so it’s a good time to update your documents in any event.

If it’s a second marriage, then you need to update your will to reflect your new spouse and also plan out how property will be divided between children from your first marriage and any children from this new relationship.

3. When you have children

If you haven’t a will in place before now, this is the time. Your love for your first-born will mean that you will always want them to be provided for. If you die without a will, your children will be entitled to a portion of your estate, but it may not be divided up the way you’d like it to be. If you die before your children reach adulthood, you will have a guardian named in your will. If you haven’t made a will, then the court may decide that someone else is legally responsible for your children. You may wish to set up trusts in your children’s names or give them powers of attorney in case you become incapacitated.

Expert Will Writers

These things will vary from one person to another, but once you own anything of value and have any relationships that are significant, you should consider writing your will. Heritage Will Writers have provided this valuable service in the East and South East of England to thousands of happy customers and all our Will Drafters are STEP qualified.

Our Head office is located at 13 Hellesdon Park Road, Drayton High Road, Norwich, NR6 5DR. We also have offices in Boston, Bishop’s Stortford, Cambridge, Lincoln, Royston and Southampton. If you’d like to know more about writing your will, call Heritage Will Writers today on 01603 894 500.

Reasons to Avail of Professional Will Writing Services

Reasons to Avail of Professional Will Writing Services

Life is unpredictable but one thing you can be sure of is the inevitability of death. The first step to being prepared is to make sure that you have your will drafted meticulously. Having your will in place is the easiest way to direct where your wealth goes when you are no longer around.  

Why are Wills so important?

Wills are crucial in deciding what happens to your money, possessions and property. There are a number of technicalities that you might miss on your own and thus you should not attempt writing your will but rather, hire professionals to do the job for you. A minor error or an ambiguity in the will can worsen a potentially volatile situation after your death and what makes it worse is that you won’t be around to make amends. That’s why hiring professional help to draft your will can prevent any mistakes, and the stress associated with coming up with the “perfect” will, while also ensuring that it can be executed as per your wishes. These are not the only benefits of hiring professional help, other advantages include:

  • Minimal costs: The cost of availing a professional will writing service beats the cost of the lengthy court processes, taxes and the agony of the dependants. Properly drafted wills also ensure that Inheritance tax is minimised as well as dictate charity bequests.
  • Executing your wishes: Making a will means getting to choose someone you trust as an executor to carry out your wishes. The executor will then carry out duties that range from money and property distribution to funeral arrangements.
  • Legal technicalities: It is important to write a clear, legally compliant will that sets out all of your wishes in detail. A professional will writer is always more legally adept and attentive than someone who has no experience of these things. Professionals pay attention to detail and the nuances of drafting a will. Utilising a professional service helps reduce your burden and also removes any ambiguity in the will with the use of specific language.
  • Caring for your dependents: Upon death, we leave behind our dependents. By getting your will in place, you will be doing all you can to safeguard your family and children by considering their future and appointing guardians if they are under 18.  A clearly drafted will does away with the complexity of laws and legal processes and ensures that they are taken care of. A will makes sure that your wishes are fulfilled, be it inheritance or a trust. Otherwise,

Why choose Heritage Will Writers?

We are a professional company that can carry out your wishes to the letter. Our will writing service takes care of many of your worries with fast, accurate services at affordable prices. Other than the will writing service, we also provide services such as:

  • Power Of Attorney (LPA)
  • Trusts
  • Property protection trusts
  • Property title changes
  • Probate services
  • Document storage
  • Funeral plans

Whether you visit our offices or we come to your home, we guarantee you will receive a highly professional and courteous service. It is in your best interests to have your will in order, so call Heritage Will Writers on 01603894500 for assistance today. 

Dying Without a Will: What Happens to Your Assets?

Dying Without a Will: What Happens to Your Assets?

When you die without a will this is known as intestacy, and if you live in England there are certain rules that the court will follow to divide up your assets. These rules can be very strict, with the line of inheritance following a pattern, which means lots of legal cases are heard each year due to people dying intestate. If you don’t have a will, it’s important to know what will happen to your assets, and for most people this is a great motivator to have a will written.

Married and unmarried couples

If you have a long-term partner and you die, your partner isn’t legally entitled to anything, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or whether you’ve co-habited. Those who choose not to marry should look at getting wills made, as there have been cases where all the deceased’s assets have automatically gone to the children, leaving the partner with a legal fight on their hands.

Married couples will usually inherit their deceased spouse’s assets automatically, and under English law your children might not be entitled to anything. If you want your children or grandchildren to inherit anything, this has to be set out in a will to ensure your wishes are followed.

Inheritance tax

With property prices on the rise, more and more people are becoming aware of inheritance tax and how much it could cost their dependents. If you die without a will, more inheritance may become due, whereas if you organise things in advance there are certain trusts which aren’t liable for the tax. Get tax advice before drawing up a will.

Unclaimed estates

For those who die without any obvious descendants, there’s a process to go through where the government will try to track down any surviving relatives. This could include:

  • Grandparents
  • Siblings and half-siblings
  • Aunts and uncles
  • Half-aunts and half-uncles
  • Adopted relatives

If none of these can be found, then the estate goes to the crown, and in 2017 about £8 million worth of assets were given this way. This probate process can be long and complicated, with distant relatives having to stake a claim. If you don’t have any obvious heirs, then it’s important to make a will. You may wish to leave the money to a friend, or even give it to a charity, and with a legal will in place you can be sure your wishes are kept.

Saving your family hassle

Even if your estate is simply going to be divided between children, if you die without a will then the process can be much more complex. It can take longer to get a grant of administration, which allows for distribution of assets, and can mean there’s even more paperwork and hassle to deal with. Therefore, it makes sense to create a will, even a simple one, to save a lot of stress.

Heritage Wills offer an easy will writing service across East Anglia and the Midlands, visiting you at home for your convenience. Simply call 01603 894500 or e-mail admin@heritagewills.co.uk to book an appointment or find out more.