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Client Care Package

Client Care Package – Keeping your Will secure and so much more

Once you have completed your Will, you need to think about where to store it so it is safe and secure yet easily accessible when the time comes. Not only that, but as life changes it is vital that your Will can be updated and amended easily to ensure your current wishes are met.

That is why we have created our Client Care Package, a complete package of services which will give you total peace of mind once your Will has been created. So, what does it include?

Storing your Will

You can feel confident that our secure storage facility will keep your Will safe for as long as required. Among other things, our facility boasts a range of security enhancements and is completely fireproof. We can also provide you with copies of all your documents held in our secure, fireproof storage for your records.

Looking after your other important documents

At Heritage Wills, we don’t stop at just looking after your Will.  You may have other important documents that you rarely use, but need to keep safe – these could include things like wedding certificate, property deeds or even a decree absolute. As part of our Client Care Package, we are happy to store these with your Will at no extra cost.

Client Care Package from Heritage Will Writers

Fixed Price guarantee

Once you take out our Client Care Package, the annual price you pay is guaranteed not to increase throughout the time you are with us.   This gives you complete price transparency, so you will never get any nasty surprises about price increases.

Free Regular Will updates

As we grow older our priorities and circumstances change which can include: marriage, children, relationships, moving home and inheritance.  Throughout these changes, you need to make sure your Will is easily updated so it reflects your wishes at that time.  That is why our Client Care Package gives you one free update or rewrite of your Will each year.

Free Executor helpline

When you pass away, your executors need to commence probate before distributing your assets to your beneficiaries. As part of the Client Care Package, when you store your will and any associated documents with us, we’ll make ourselves available to your executors and ensure they know what steps to take to start probate (if required).

The executors you have named in your Will are given access to a free Executor Help-Line with support and information about their duties after your death. We will also provide a letter explaining how to retrieve your documents for each of your executors. 

So, our package doesn’t just give you peace of mind about the future of your assets; it ensures the managing of your Will goes smoothly long after your passing. To find out more about our probate services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Free registration to Certainty – the National Will Register

Certainty the National Will Register is the Law Society’s endorsed provider of a national Will register and Will Search service with over 7 million Wills.  Registration records the existence and tags the location of your Will on Certainty the National Will Register, so that the people you have left your estate to, or those you have chosen to be your executors, can find it when you have passed away. Registration ensures that if beneficiaries and executors are unaware that you have written a Will or forget where it’s located, it can be easily found by conducting a Register Will Search.

Access when you need it

As well as an annual review of your Will as part of our Client Care Package, you can also access your documents we hold whenever you need them.  There is no charge for retrieving existing documents or depositing any new documents with us and all we need is 48 hours notice.

To find out more about our Client Care Package, simply contact a member of our Client Services team today.

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