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Probate Services

Probate Services – Peace of mind when you need it most

It is difficult to lose a loved one at any time. Knowing that you will have to sort out their affairs, while you are still coming to terms with your loss can feel almost too much to cope with. That’s why we have a professional and compassionate Bereavement Team who are dedicated to helping guide you through the process – every step of the way.

What is probate?

Put simply, probate is the process of dealing with a person’s estate (property, possessions and money) after they have died, ensuring their last wishes as stated in their Will are carried out.

What does probate involve?

Whilst the probate process can seem very complex and involved, the key responsibilities include

  • making sure the instructions within the Will are carried out correctly or working out the next steps if no Will is in place (known as Rules of Intestacy)
  • gathering details of all the deceased’s estate and settling any existing liabilities e.g. loans/credit cards
  • deciding whether a Grant of Probate is required (a legal document giving you authority to deal with a persons estate)Ensuring the assets of the estate are then distributed accordingly (this may involve sale of property)
  • ensuring the distribution of assets is done in accordance with current tax regulations (e.g. Inheritance Tax)

How can Heritage Wills help you?

Heritage Wills have been providing Probate Services for over 15 years so we understand the importance of giving you a truly individual service at a very difficult time.

We will initially talk to you to offer advice and support. If you decide you need our help, we will mutually agree the level of service that you need from us. In terms of costs, rather than a one-size-fits all structure we charge an hourly rate so you only pay for the work we do. The fees are taken from the Estate, so there are no up-front costs for you to find

What support do we give you?

  • A dedicated Bereavement Team with a single point of contact throughout the process
  • An Executors Helpline which gives free advice and support when you need it
  • A transparent and open hourly rate cost structure
  • Access to our in-house Solicitor who can help with Trusts and Property sales

Contact our Bereavement Team on 01603 894510 or email probate@heritagewills.co.uk

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