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Funeral Plans

Make Your Own Funeral Plan So That Your Family Won’t Need To

In most situations, the family of the recently deceased are responsible for organising and paying for the funeral, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’d prefer to give your family some time to process your passing without the burden of funeral planning, you can sign up for one of our pre-paid funeral plans. We can help you plan a funeral that meets your exact requirements so that your loved ones don’t have to handle such a challenging task during a trying period. We have a broad range of funeral plans available, and you can either pay for a plan with a lump-sum payment or in instalments.

How the Plan works

  • You can select from a range of plans
  • All of the basic requirements from limousine hire to the cost of the coffin -along with contributions towards other typical expenses – are included.
  • The expense contributions are based upon a cremation but can be put towards a burial instead (please note the cost of a grave plot is NOT included in the Plan price).
  • Once you finish making payments, a guarantee is issued confirming that the services of a Funeral Director will be provided at no extra cost.
  • The benefits are index linked and checked against national averages every year

Your money is safe and your wishes will be respected

The Plan is designed by Golden Leaves, who provide Funeral Plans for Funeral Directors and the legal and financial professions. Golden Leaves are members of The National Association for Pre-Paid Funeral Plans and have been awarded the internationally recognised business excellence BSI ISO:9001 accreditation. The Golden Leaves organisation is now the only independent funeral planning company operating in the sector to hold such a quality standard.

Payments for the plan are held securely in an independently managed Golden Leaves Trust. You can pay in a lump sum or in instalments, whichever you prefer, but you can be assured that your wishes will have been accounted for.  For further details and some common questions and answers, please contact us.

Protect Your Family’s Inheritance with a Funeral Plan

All our funeral plans come with financial benefits so that you can secure peace of mind about your family’s inheritance while guaranteeing your wishes are honoured. With our funeral plans, you pay today’s funeral director prices for the funeral of your choosing, and if you end up overpaying before passing away, we’ll provide a rebate benefit.

In addition to our competitive prices and financial guarantees, a funeral plan from us has you fully covered within 12 months of purchasing as oppose to the standard two years. We don’t request intrusive medical checks to either turn people down or increase the price. Instead, we offer funeral plans to anybody over the age of 50. If you want to purchase a funeral plan from a provider that prioritises your finances, wishes and future, then we’re the company to call.

For more information on pre-paid funeral plans call us on 01603 894500

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