Why arranging your Will is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift

While some may think that it is luxury chocolates or a weekend in Paris, one Norfolk based firm believe that nothing says “I love you” like a Mirror Will.

From when a couple first start out together, things can move quickly and before you know it you have a property together, you might plan to get  married and maybe even have children.  And all the way through, the assumption for many couples is that everything will automatically be ok if the worst happens to one or both of them.

“I think there is this perception that couples don’t need a Will and that you only need one when you get “older”.  But actually, as soon as you own a property or have a child or get married, these are the key times when getting a Will written is so important” said Heritage Will Writers MD, Kathy Long.

“As we approach Valentines Day and head into wedding season, we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of not leaving it to chance and that actually getting your Will organised is one of the best things you can do for each other and your immediate family.”

There are some startling facts that a lot of people aren’t aware of when it comes to Wills.  For example, without a Will…

  • If you have children under 18, the courts may decide who their guardian will be in the event of your death.
  • If you are unmarried, your partner won’t automatically receive any of your estate nor automatically gain guardianship to any children
  • If you have married, any previous Will may become invalid

“For a lot of families, these facts can be quite unsettling but arranging to have a Will is very straightforward and once it is done, it gives real peace of mind that the family is protected.” continued Kathy.

To help raise awareness of the importance of having a Will, Heritage Will Writers are exhibiting at this years Bride:The Wedding Show on 23rd & 24th February at the Norfolk Showground, with a free prize draw to win a “Pamper Hamper” alongside a Mirror Will.

Established in 2002, Heritage Will Writers are East Anglia and the South East’s leading dedicated Will writing service, serving tens of thousands of clients. In addition to writing Wills, the team offer a full probate service, Client care package (including storage) and can help with trust enquiries, powers of attorney and property ownership changes.  In 2018, Heritage Will Writers were awarded Regional Will Writers of the Year at the inaugural Wills and Probate Awards.